Arte e Fiori Firenze)

Flower shop in Florence

Come and discover our workshop

Visit our over 240 square meters shop. It is not a mere shop, but a truly creative and sensory center revolving around flowers and their world. It is an urban nursery full of wonders to be discovered.

In our Florence shop you can find passion and enthusiasm, courtesy and expertise as well as what suits you and your needs. Here at Arte e Fiori, we know how to meet your expectations whether you are simply looking for a small gift or for an intricate composition!

Each of our creations is a unique item

Arte e Fiori Firenze
Arte e Fiori Firenze Arte e Fiori Firenze

You breathe nature in its purest and most authentic form in our store. There are fresh and fragrant flowers, different sized plants as well as surprising ideas for unique bouquets where many kids of flowers, fruits, stems and plants are mixed together. Each of our creations is a unique item that embellishes the setting that hosts it.

Arte e Fiori Firenze

It is always the perfect time to bring the beauty of nature from our workshop to your areas whether you are decorating a room in your home, setting-up your store or showroom or enriching with charm and elegance a hotel or meeting room. Your entire area gains personality, style and character thanks to our green décor.

Arte e Fiori invites you to Florence, the quintessential city of art and beauty, to discover its shop where you are going to be enchanted and amazed by nature’s multitude of hues.