Arte e Fiori Firenze)

Flower shop Florence

A world of scents

Arte e Fiori is your florist of choice in Florence for all your flower and greenery sales and floral arrangement requirements. In-house or at home our flowers are delivered anywhere.

Our creative workshop in Florence is a haven for every plant and flower lover. It is a place where you breathe creativity and were you are inebriated by the sensual and vitalizing scents released by the flowers and plants we host. The hub for ever-changing and unique flower decorations that make for harmonious environments and flood them with well-being.

Arte e Fiori was created by bringing together the realm of Arte e Fiori. Our arrangements are small, living and pulsating sculptures made with flowers, berries, twigs, leaves and everything that Nature has to offer. Our florists are garden artists who try their hand at polychromatic creations which are full of life, energy and vibrancy to offer you unparalleled and unforgettable flower bouquets and arrangements.

We are interior decoration experts working for the client and with the client so that the client’s vision may take shape and become magnificent decorative arrangements with stunning and tailored shapes. We know how to enhance your private and business areas both from our workshop in Florence and at your premises.

We are your own in-home florists delivering art to patios, shops and hotels to enhance ceremonies and special events by bestowing a flowery touch to any occasion.

Maria Teresa Colosio

He who has no bread but buys flowers is a poet

Maria Teresa Colosio is a woman of great energy which she enthusiastically puts into her work. She created Arte e Fiori Firenze together with his son Matteo in 2014. Starting out as a small plants and flowers shop, Piante e Fiori has become over the years a point of reference for a wide range of private and business customers thanks to its owner’s ability to turn customers’ wishes into wonderful realities.

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